Our mats are made with buttery vegan leather on top and a flocked suede at the back to withstand the wear and tear over the years.
We recommend a quick clean of the leather surface after each use.
  •  Wipe with a damp soapy cloth or paper towel. Use a gentle cleaner if needed. Avoid using products containing acid or chlorine.
  • To clean the flocked suede bottom, shake off any dirt, grass, sand etc, gently wipe with a damp cloth, wipes or a gentle cleaner if needed. 
  • Make sure your mat is completely dry before storing away.
  • Do not machine wash, tumble dry, iron, bleach or dry clean.
  • When not in use, you can also hang on the wall– it adds to the décor of your home.
  • Avoid permanent markers/pens, anything with heavy dyes, food with sharp objects while using the mat. Be careful with mineral sunscreens as they may stain.
  • Creases can be released by laying your mat flat in the sun or hanging it when not in use. Continuous use of the mat will gradually release deep creases.