Peanut Babies Silicone Spoon Set
Peanut Spoon Set
Peanut Spoon Set

Peanut Spoon Set

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Our silicone spoons are purposely designed with a scoop size that fits comfortably in your baby's mouth. The flexible silicone tip is chew-friendly for your teething baby and gentle on those delicate teeth and gums. 

We recognise that sometimes you may need a spoon on the go and that is why we have designed our silicone spoon as both a 2 pack and a 4 pack set so that you always have a spoon ready to use.

 Age: 6 months +


Care Instructions:

Dishwasher safe or wash with warm mild soapy water.




Length of spoon: 14.5cm

Spoon diameter-3cm

Weight- 25g