Five books to help with weaning.

Five books to help with weaning.

Weaning…more like – where do we even begin? Here at Little Moxy Co we’ve gotten a hang of the weaning journey with a helping hand from the list of our favourite books below. Covering the basics, to time saving hacks and much more – take a look and get them ordered! You’ll never look back! Don’t forget to order your weaning accessories from us too.


  1. Weaning Made Simple, Annabel Karmel

IDEAL FOR: Covering the basics in a classic approach

Karmel is well known for her words of wisdom in the parenting world, and her guide to weaning is no different. The ‘Queen of Wean’ herself takes you on the full journey from all the tools you need, clear meal planners and guides as well as the up-to-date allergy and intolerance information all mothers need. This book is stunningly illustrated with actual-size finger food drawings and easy to follow instructions.

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  1. Young Gums: Baby Food with Attitude, Beth Bentley

IDEAL FOR: The Millennial Mother

For a more modern approach we turn to Beth Bentley, an award-winning food blogger, who curated this collection of recipes after struggling with the weaning process herself, as a first-time mum. Bentley expressed she found the information surrounding weaning as outdated and found it difficult to uncover information on how to feed her baby healthily but keeping it fun and exciting. Her answer to this was designed fun and exciting recipes herself, all featured in Young Gums.

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  1. Wean in 15, Joe Wicks

IDEAL FOR: Feed the Whole Family

 Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 swept the Nation in 2015 and has allowed him to excel across social media platforms as well as various other publications. The ‘Body Coach’ is also a proud dad of two, and therefore has turned his attention towards the art of weaning also known as, Wean in 15. The book is jam packed with up-to-date advice and 100 quick and easy recipes allowing your baby to be introduced to herbs, spices and ingredients that are just as tasty to the big kids (us parents)!

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  1. Little Veggie Eats, Rachel Boyett

 IDEAL FOR: Raising your little Vegetarian

This is a must-read if you are wanting to wean your little one meat-free. This publication is an extension from Boyett’s successful Instagram account @littleveggieeats, set up in 2015. It is filled with colourful graphics and striking photographs to ensure flicking through it is not only educational but enjoyable.

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  1. What Mummy Makes, Rebecca Wilson

IDEAL FOR: Cheap and Easy Recipes

Wilson is a recognised recipe developer, peer-to-peer breastfeeding support worker and author but most importantly she is a mum. Sharing her quick and easy, family-friendly meals to her large Instagram following. She has since released What Mummy Makes, which focuses on allowing families to appreciate the milestone of weaning their child and remind them that cooking up solid foods for little ones can be fun, cheap and easy!

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